school of the spirit

Our School of the Spirit can either be a three day interactive weekend, or an eight week one night per week course, which includes worship and prayer. It is dictated a lot by who the Lord brings and what the Holy Spirit wants to impart to each one, and the group as a whole.

This is an intimate course looking at various topics with personal discussion, activation and impartation. 

Topics covered:
  • Intimacy and identity in the Father's love
  • Miracles, healings, signs & wonders
  • Honour and humility as seen from God's perspective
  • Dealing with offences
  • Moving in the gifts of the Spirit
If you are wanting one held in your area then we would love to chat with you about this. Contact Sarah here.

A testimony from the School of the Spirit held in Rotorua in 2016:

To Jim, Sarah and the Team,
Wanted to thank you for the life changing experience I had this weekend being part of the School of the Spirit and for all the ministry and time that is so valuable. I am absolutely exhausted, but that is good, processing so much and having recall of all that was spoken and prophesied.   It was such a privilege to attend this weekend, in fact have never been in meetings where I have received so much, so blessed. New life, growth and a shifting has begun – transformed and set free, restoration has taken place and have hope in moving on in the plans and purposes God has for me – my destiny. I thank you all so much for opening the doors up for us all. I hope you all get much rest.
Your friend,
Michelle Ensor 

I am thankful for all that God did and all He will do in the coming days.“Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever” (Psalm 107.1)